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  1. This is Peter Tait writing for “Attain” roughly when he retired (2015). Completely outrageous considering he never acknowledged RL/SP’s history to me and simply covered it up! He says “parents have to trust their children’s teachers and must keep their distance!”. The woman quoted is an SP governor. If you look at the SP Chairman it’s seems its all about the property… and the reputation of SP I suppose!!

    I have already said that in April 2016 Nick Folland denied all knowledge of Robin Lindsay to me by email and forwarded mine to Dorset Police who didn’t contact me then. Same story as Peter Tait’s, “no knowledge of RL”. Yet I wonder if he was even at RL’s tribunal and saw him ousted and banned from SP premises. (Mind you RL seemed to hang onto an awful lot of property whilst enjoying a view of the boys at play, overlooking their playing fields!). Governors of SP seem to be quite into property. And the reputation of the school. Abovd all. And emulation in Qatar.
    No knowledge indeed!! And was alive and I could have taken action and seen him imprisoned for his crimes. In particular for those against my 3 brothers. So badly failed in SP’s Duty of Care. Now there are 7 Sherborne Schools and Head of Big calls it “Our family of Sherborne Schools”. Well time to consider your Jody if you truly are the Charitable Enterprise you claim to be. Show done charity. Acknowledge the Lindsays victims in their reign of 75 years of sole ownership and Headmastership. Selling yourself on historic academic prowess and ignoring/claiming “no knowledge” of this 75 years history is appalling and absolutely not ok. Put this in the Daily Mail why don’t you?!

    No wonder a Prep school like Sherborne Prep wants parents to keep their distance. Hardly surprising really. Anyone on this blog surprised?!! I thought not,..

    • Should have spell checked better, “consider your duty and show some charity” was what I meant to write. So busy looking forward and expanding there’s no one looking back in SP’s wake to see the victims and damage done over years and years of blind eye turning. Ignored because RL managed, he thought, to drop his challenge to the complaints made against him and save the REPUTATION of his beloved SP. Why was that ever his decision to make? Look in the wake of this ever forward motion of expansion (overseas) and profitable academic enterprise and acknowledge your dark and damaged past for the sake of all this Old Preppers who don’t even know he is dead yet, and have suffered so much under both father Fred and son Robin.

    • This is extraordinary. The previous head was described as a fixated paedophile and this man expects parents to sit in the background and just let these people get on with it.

      This is rubbish reporting anyway. The photograph is NOT of Sherborne Prep and half the comment relates to Sherborne School and not SP. It is a pity the article is closed for comment.

  2. “Headmaster Peter Tait claimed parents should trust their child’s educators
    Parents need to keep their distance and trust schools and teachers instead of being ‘dervishes ready to battle with anyone and anything on behalf of their child’, a leading head teacher has said.
    Peter Tait, the headmaster of Sherborne Preparatory School in Dorset, claimed parents have become ‘dervishes’ about their children’s education and should take a back seat to allow them to develop naturally.”

    This in 2015 from the man who replaced Robin Lindsay as Headmaster of Sherborne Prep in 1998/9. How can he possibly dare write this!!! Knowing what he obviously did and does. I think it’s completely outrageous and I am sure others on this blog would too! Charitable Enterprise indeed!

  3. A Dervish battles only his ego, in order to annihilate himself in his Lord
    I really like Naema’s comment. Mr Tait needs to educate himself as to what precisely a dervish is before using it perjorativrly to describe an earnest, keen parent.

    A dervish or darvesh (from Persian: درویش‎‎, Darvīsh via Turkish, Somali: Daraawiish, Arabic: درويش‎‎, Darwīš) is someone guiding a Sufi Muslim ascetic down a path or “Tariqah”, known for their extreme poverty and austerity.

    I wish my parents had not been groomed by Robin Lindsay for 15 years and their sons neither. Would both Fred and Robin Lindsay were never born.
    How dare you tell parents to back off, you replacement for a fixated paedophile!!! How dare you!

    • Pejoratively
      Not so sure that many readers (including some parents of Independent School Pupils, I imagine) of Attain would be known for either their extreme poverty or for their austerity…

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