Boarding School Action began informally in late 2013 when a group of attendees at a Boarding Concern conference decided they wanted to campaign to end the practice of early boarding.

The original group comprised Nick Duffell, Simon Partridge, Sam Barber and myself, Sally Fraser. Following our discussions I set up this blog at the beginning of 2014. Later that year, following Alex Renton’s article on his boarding experiences in the Observer magazine, he became involved, and encouraged me to formalise and attempt to professionalise the organisation, suggesting that it might be possible to secure funding. And so BSA was founded more formally with me as director and Alex, Nick, Simon and later Sam as the board.

Due to musical differences and to pursue solo careers etc. the board has now disbanded. I leave this blog up because I worked incredibly hard on it and I believe it still has a lot of interesting material on it. Hopefully in time I will ease myself back into updating it.

Boarding School Action still exists as a campaign group on facebook and twitter, headed up by Sam Barber. In time they may well re-structure. Do look them up and get in touch.

I am still interested in these issues. I became involved because I believe there are under-represtented and disqualified voices which need to be heard. I am currently working novel inspired by my experiences in this field. I will keep you posted on it.



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  1. Dear Sally- I have just discovered yourself as well as Nick, Alex & Joy Schavieren’s work. It is a very moving thing to finally discover people who understand what I have lived for the last 50 years after 8 years of boarding school in two different schools. Thank you so much. I have ordered a number of books and I will read them and share them with my long suffering wife of the last 46 years. I live in Australia.
    Simon Hattrell

  2. Perhaps the most famous boarder of all, who was physically, emotionally and sexually abused was Tony Martin, the Norfolk farmer, who went on trial for murder in 2000. I wrote about the abuse in my latest book TONY MARTIN: THE TRUTH (Invenire Press, 2016) and again in my forthcoming book TONY MARTIN: BLEAK HOUSE REVISITED.
    I also mentioned Tony’s experiences to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in July 2016 and my speech was redacted.
    I can be contacted on 07508 242 101.

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