4 thoughts on ““psychological rupture”

  1. The Times won’t let me read the article without a subscription and no way am I ever gonna subscribe to a Murdoch rag!

    Does it tell us anything we don’t already know?

    All I know is that NOTHING will ever be able to put me back together into normalcy after boarding school because I know I was totally broken by it as a human being! Forget the rest…being able to be a successful human being doesn’t mean being materially successful. I’ve done all that shit!..I used my sense of entitlement combined with the enforced psychopathy to gain the world but never regain my soul!

    • fair play Robert, I wouldn’t pay the Murdoch money if I wasn’t doing this. I don’t think it tells us anything we don’t already know but its probably good that someone else is saying it.
      and as for your soul maybe you have more of it than you think? I am tempted to say people who have really lost their souls can’t recognise that they have, if you can forgive my honesty…

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