traditions and cultures…

Interesting insights from German banker Arnold Holle in The Telegraph today criticising English boarding schools and urging his fellow country men not to send them:  “All in all, no other Western country makes it more difficult for its underclass to rise upwards. The social injustice here in London cry out to the heavens. The school system is one of the main reasons that not only social mobility persists at a low level, but continues to decline every year.”  The full article is well worth a read even if not entirely convincing: Holle sends all his kids to expensive prep schools, its only worth not sending them if you live in Germany apparently. But with Germany being in the top five countries sending children to board in Britain, will anyone listen to him?

For something a little more uplifting this touching account of a woman holding on to traditions in the face of enforced boarding education is also worth a look.

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