A few recent articles that might be of interest, in cased you missed them: firstly Alex Renton’s latest piece on abuse in boarding schools makes grim reading, detailing decades of abuse at Gordonstoun.  On a lighter note, Caitlin Moran describes why posh boys ‘make her boggle’. And in this remarkable article you can almost smell the denial, as so often the arguments used to defend boarding only seem to strengthen the case against it, eg “You have to have perseverance and resilience, and be prepared to work on your personality, because friends and teachers don’t have the same unbreakable attachment to you that your family does.”  or ‘she feels that being away from home has made us closer as a family. “There are fewer arguments, and when we’re all back home, the fact that we so rarely see each other means that everyone tends to be on their best behaviour.” Oh, and if you fancy a few words from yours truly on the BSA campaign, see here