I want to go home for my tea…

One of the arguments I often hear when I say I am against boarding school is ‘but what about island communities?’. Here children from Shetland speak out against the closure of their local school because they don’t want to go to boarding school. Please read their messages, and maybe we can think about how to support them… https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/islands/shetland/369473/heartbreaking-messages-shetland-children-bid-avoid-boarding-school/

4 thoughts on “I want to go home for my tea…

  1. Thank you for supporting our cause. I’m featured in the video with my husband and three bairns, and know how hard it was to pick a single issue to highlight on our placards. There are so many reasons why bairns shouldn’t be forced into boarding schools that we’d need a lot more paper to mention them all! We really appreciate your support xx

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