5 thoughts on “over the edge

    • hello mary, there should be a link at the bottom, here it is again: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04fc169 perhaps if you get updates the links don’t come through, the programme is BBC Radio 4 Book of the week, episode 2 On Silbury Hill. have to pop out just now but will check later on this afternoon that you found it ok! Sally

  1. I have put the Silbury Hill episode on Yotube. I thought it was too telling and pertinent to the grim horrors of boarding school to let slip into the ether….

    Here is the link http://youtu.be/aVYlTWuen80 it doesn’t look “live” so may need to be cut and pasted into the address bar.

    • Great! “yo-Tube”

      Being sent away to boarding school puts one into a serious double bind ….as in….boarding school is hideous….but so are the kind of parents who send their children away to one! I always wanted to “do a bunk”…but where to run? Self evidently not back home …..

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