4 thoughts on “more false advertising

    • I have just found it, thank you . Very moving and interesting:”As for myself, without really ever acknowledging it until now, I suppose I’m where I have been since I was a kid, there, in that place.
      I will always be there.” A link for if anyone else wants to have a look: http://veronafathersmirfield.com/

    • You have to wait til 2011 before they have to remove your bankrupcy. You juts got lucky with Equifax– but dont be surprised it if reappears. Why should you be enetitled to a &#;8162clean’ report if you just filed 5 years ago?

  1. 25 d&utcuae;as0Muuuuiuuuuy bueno kariiiii (me gusta alagar las palabras ) te quedo geniaaal …. Me gustaron mucho los ojos … Te prometo mañana +10 por ahora reco y fav

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