“This has, in short, seriously messed them up”

“Duffell’s ideas require some serious mental adjustments, especially when you spend your days floating around in the Westminster bubble. Yet it’s important to remember those ruling this country weren’t brought up like the rest of us. It’s hard to deny it will have had an influence on the kind of person they have turned out to be. That is the heart of Duffell’s case, and it is a worrying one. “People who don’t have access to their emotions because of institutionalised abandonment can’t make good judgments because they’re not in touch with their feelings,” he says. “I don’t want them as leaders.”

Excellent article from Alex Stevenson at http://www.politics.co.uk in which he interviews Nick Duffell. Stevenson struggles to accommodate some of Nick’s ideas, but sees the value in his approach. He may find himself on the lookout for particular bad behaviour around Westminster come September and October…Full article here: http://www.politics.co.uk/comment-analysis/2014/07/01/did-boarding-schools-cripple-our-cabinet

2 thoughts on ““This has, in short, seriously messed them up”

  1. Alex, like so many of these journalists, is very skilful and did a good job sailing between the usual mockery of psycho-babble and his getting the argument; and his office is right inside Westminster so he has to meet these guys day-in day-out.

  2. For me the article captures very well the way that when you first start thinking about this (which obviously I did not so very long ago) you don’t realise just how much effect it can have, and then once it has got into your head you can see how it effects everything.

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