True grit

a very beautiful post from Jamie Jauncey

A Few Kind Words

As someone generally preoccupied with stories, I’m particularly interested when a single story is open to diametrically opposing interpretations. Once one starts to think about it, it’s surprising how many of these we carry around with us.

Looking for an external example, I was briefly tempted to pick something from the coverage of the Scottish independence referendum to illustrate this, but I’m not going to. Instead, this is the one that has recently caught my attention. “Boarding schools apologise for ‘shame’ of historic abuse,” says the BBC. “Send children to boarding schools to develop ‘true grit’,” says The Telegraph.

Both are reporting on the same speech, earlier this month, by Ray McGovern, head of the Boarding Schools Association. Each slants the story the way one might expect it to and in a sense neither are wrong. McGovern’s narrative goes: boarding schools were rotten places once but they’re just the…

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