5 thoughts on “Elliot Rodger described prep school isolation

  1. Is there any way to find out if Elliott was a boarder or a day student when he was four? Dorset House does take four year old boarders. Does make you wonder why parents get rid of them so early. I have a friend who went to boarding school in Scotland at age three.

    • Thank you for your comments Mary. one of my colleagues has looked at Rodgers’ manifesto in great detail and thinks it was unlikely he boarded, rather he was a pre-schooler and objected to the regimented way of life at such a young age.

      As to your more general point about boarding, indeed why would anyone do such a thing? your friend’s situation makes me want to cry. I would suggest there is a massive history of avoiding intimacy and repressing feelings by distancing oneself from the love of small children, Nick Duffell has written about attitudes to childhood and boarding in The Making Of Them, well worth a read.

  2. You will see the words “family atmosphere” “family-like” liberally sprinkled around this website (along with charming pictures one might see in a family album). The school seems to promise a real (and idyllic) childhood to 4-8 years olds. George Orwell would love it.

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