If (only) John Bowlby was alive…

“It’s like the Pope versus Jesus. Jesus had a good idea, but papal politics were not good ideas. I wish you could have met John Bowlby! He was an aristocrat, for goodness’ sake, born in Manchester Square [in central London], brought up by nannies.” Bowlby drew failures of attachment from examples in his own life, and categorically did not see poor attachment as a problem associated with poverty. “Of course, everything about attachment is very difficult because it’s so emotional. We’re talking about ourselves, we’re talking about ourselves as babies, we’re talking about ourselves as parents. It’s debased and stupefied, really, but that’s daily politics.” 

Fascinating quotation from Dr Sebastian Kraemer, who suggests that we rely on or misuse neuroscience  because “Somehow the emotional and cognitive effects of parenting aren’t interesting enough”.

In this interesting if potentially inflammatory article Zoe Williams explores the complexities of class, deprivation and neglect, suggesting that scrutiny of child treatment does not extend to the middle classes.

full article here:

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