Dr Bruce Perry on early intervention, a change in how we view childhood?


Dr Bruce Perry, Child Trauma Therapist and Neuroscientist Addresses MPs in the House of Commons – 1 April 2014


Report by Martin Pirongs


I brushed past a vacant looking Ed Milliband as I entered Committee Room No 5 to listen to Bruce Perry’s talk on Early Intervention. Here in a 50 second nutshell is the core of his topic:



Of course, it was backed up by all kinds of data and neuroscience, and easy American humour.


In the introduction, Graham Allen MP, chairman of Early Intervention Foundation which sponsored the meeting – http://www.eif.org.uk/ – remarked that although suffering from jet-lag, Bruce hadn’t missed a beat since arriving in London two days ago. Bruce responded by saying that he had missed one beat in particular, with the British press, asking us if we had seen the papers with his reference to ADHD.




During his talk he commented that something is not right when in Texas there is a new State Department with a billion and a half dollar budget and a mandate that is to protect children from their parents!


Business leaders are leading the way in Early Intervention research and development in the USA because they understand its economic significance, not only for the taxpayer but also because they are concerned about where their skilled workforce of the future is going to come from.


The presentation begun with the quote from the Anglican theologian William Inge

‘The proper time to influence the character of a child is about 100 years before he is born.’


To a room with many MPs in attendance Bruce ended by saying that the change should be all or nothing, not just something that is tinkered with around the edges.

He proposed that whoever is prepared to shift resources and make the investment, then the returns are proven and with it the opportunity to transform the world. He suggested that Scotland had made a good start!

http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/Doc/215889/0057733.pdf http://bigblogscotland.org.uk/2013/04/18/tseifawards/)


1 April 2014

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