great news for #changeneglectlaw

The government have agreed to change the neglect laws, following an Action for Children campaign, to include emotional neglect. This is a fantastic development, showing a shift in thinking about children and emotions, as the previous law had not been altered since 1933.

Camila Batmanghelidjh, valuing childhood

Some recent ideas from Camila Batmanghelidjh. In this article she speaks of  “pushy middle-class parents [who] are doing as much damage to children’s mental wellbeing as those guilty of maltreatment and abuse” stating that “It’s all about perverting the development of a child, rather than valuing childhood as a period of growth and merit in itself.”


In this articlewe hear of how“Britain has a deep wound in relation to its attitude to childhood,” she says, citing that the UK is frequently found at the bottom of the league of the 21 wealthiest countries in terms of well-being for its children.

She suggests that we don’t permit the next generation to indulge in childhood so much as merely prepare them for adulthood “as if childhood were merely a waiting-room”.




rage and shame…

“Boarding had worked. Not only was my brother now safe, but my ongoing hatred for my mother had, within minutes of walking away from both my parents without saying goodbye, completely disappeared. I was cured. A new outlet for my feelings emerged though: killing animals.” In this breath-taking article Jonathan Asser describes his incredible work with violent prisoners, and traces his own history of aggression:

Stoicism and Masculinity

“Told from a young age that boys don’t cry, many men are restricted by a culture that believes emotional openness and caring for your family are examples of girlishness”, Lola Okolosie asks “what is the cost to boys of our traditional view of masculinity?”

in the bbc magazine johnny Benjamin also asks what effects masculine cultures is having on young lives ” Perhaps we need to redefine the meaning of masculinity, stop telling males to “man up”, and start showing them that grown men do actually cry.”


“That’s the thing about boarding schools, it’s not like Tom Brown’s School Days anymore. You’re still sending your child to a place where nobody loves them and the biggest lesson they learn is how to do without parents” – Silk, Season 3 Episode 1
we quite agree! lets hope plenty of bbc viewers do too…