polarised britain…

Here Danny Dorling asks whether the British education system polarises people. apparently next week he is going to investigate whether bears shit in the woods! Seriously, some wise words here:  “We have an educational system that is designed to polarise people, one that creates an elite who can easily come to have little respect for the majority of the population, who think that they should earn extraordinarily more than everyone else, and defines the jobs of others as so low-skilled that it apparently justifies many living in relative poverty” There is also an engagement with the psychological implications: “Recently released findings from psychology suggest that many of [those educated in the top 1% of schools] may be naturally inclined to be more selfish. It is not so much their fault that they find it hard to understand others’ feelings. It is our fault for not controlling the greed of a few and for so long swallowing their shallow arguments as to why they deserve so much“. full article here

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